A la Carte Services

    ‘MASTER THE BIZ’ SESSIONS (how to develop Business Savvy):

    U.S. $150.00 per 45 minute session

    Unfortunately, newcomers to this industry can get taken advantage of or callously dismissed by key industry players. They can waste precious time, money and energy getting headshots, coaching and reels-only to be told the quality is poor and they need to do it over.

    Don’t learn the hard way. Let M2M help you get it right the first time. We provide you with the expert guidance you need to project the image of a pro so Talent Managers, Agents and Casting Directors will take you seriously and will give you a shot.

    • Learn to navigate the industry
    • Get the right headshots, reel, portfolio
    • How to find the right Agent and Talent Manager
    • Learn industry lingo and the unwritten rules you must follow
    • Avoid the typical newbie mistakes
    • Negotiate terms and contracts

    After you have made payment a representative will email you to schedule your meeting time.