M2M Studios offers an in-house production division solely created to focus on the development and production of original content, ranging from reality shows, documentaries, to feature films and television programming (Cable Networks and OTT Networks).  Another important aspect of our in-house production studio is our goal of giving the talent we develop an chance to audition and be cast in a variety of projects we have in development. We believe in giving opportunities to aspiring and emerging talent.

    7 Hills

    “7 Hills” is a safe house specializing in troubled young addicts with an affinity and talent for the creative arts. It’s not easy to get in; it’s tougher to permanently get out but when they do… these artists, already armed with real-life experiences of which most cannot conceive, will stop at nothing to succeed. Who will attain their dreams and who will fall form the multiple conflicts and stories
    of “7 Hills”…


    PARDA is a family-owned Model Talent Agency where the unexpected is the norm. Because both parents often travel for work, in order to ensure there is enough money coming in to keep the family afloat and to run the agency, at least until the agency has enough talent booking jobs. As a result, the oldest daughter Diana and niece Jessica often ends up running the agency with the help of her best friend Grace and Daisy. The Agency Motto is “We do things the right way” but so often things seem to go the wrong way.

    Hip Hop Today

    Hip-Hop celebrities and power players come together to debate about current topics impacting our urban communities. Hip Hop Today is a hip, new, informative talk show where accountability is the new norm.

    Sisters of the Game

    “Sisters of the Game” is a 56-minute Docu-Soap Reality Show about the sisters of NBA stars and the unique roles they play in their brother’s lives, while also in pursuit of their own happiness. These young women despite their tough exteriors have their share of internal struggles (hopes, fear, regrets and relationship issues), as they deal with the daily grind of making it. Each episode deals with the actual realities of these young women’s daily routine of work, family, celebrity lifestyle, and the unexpected.

    Bayje Music Video – Find A Way (Atlantic Records)

    Bayje Music Video – Find A Way (Atlantic Records)

    Stage Moms of LA

    Stage Moms of LA is a docu-series focused on discovering, developing and launching the stars of tomorrow, without the drama of today’s dysfunctional child stars turn adults.

    Prison House to the Dream House

    Prison House to the Dream House is a heartfelt edgy docu-series reality show that takes you through the emotional roller-coaster life of exonerated Jonathan Fleming as he tries to recapture the lost years (24.5 years) while now living life as a millionaire. From despair to riches, but with more money brings even bigger problems.

    Almost Famous

    “Almost Famous” is a docu-series about redemption, reflection, and confronting one’s inner demons. The show deals with the realities of lost opportunities and hitting rock bottom. These artists once stared stardom directly in the face, but instead chose a path filled with regrets. Everyone desires a second chance; “Almost Famous” gives them that and much more. The cast will be mentored by celebrities that have overcome their own demons to regain success in their careers.

    “On The Prowl” Jonathan Product Viral Commercial

    Here is a viral commercial we shoot for JP. Jonathan Product is a hair product line that was orginially launched by Jonathan Antin. You can check out the JP brand at jonathanproduct.com

    Jonathan Product 60 sec Commercial

    Jonathan Product wanted us to create a commercial that didn’t look like a typical TV spot. We wanted to do something fun and out of the box. “Walkin Dirty” is for JP’s top seller hair product “DIRT”