A la Carte Services


    The M2M Talent and Brand Development 8 week (1-2x weekly) intense boot camp focuses on giving talent the polished tools (advance auditioning techniques for film/TV/modeling, music studio recording, live music performance, and branding) needed to compete for work in TV/Film, Music, and Modeling in small and major markets throughout the USA.

    At the conclusion of each boot-camp cycle (in each market) the talent will participate in a professional photo shoot, participate in the creation of customized acting scenes, that will be filmed as real scenes in a professionally produced TV drama/comedy. The talent will then be able to use the professional photos and footage from the scenes for their acting reel. Those that excel in the boot camp will also have the option to come to LA/NYC for 2-4 weeks (July- August 2016) to continue to hone their craft and go out on acting and go see auditions via Breakdown/Actors Access.

    The Boot Camp will be facilitated by Executive Producer/Director Bill Herndon and a team of experienced talent developers, as well as industry experts (TV/Film, Music, Modeling). A segment of the boot-camp with also provide the parents with the tools they need to navigate the entertainment industry.